A Natural Breast Enlargement Alternative

Maca Root Extract Supplement

Breast Enlargement Clinical Studies on Megabust!

We are seeking 1000 volunteers for our third clinical study.
In our first clinical study over 80% of the subjects rated our product effective in breast enlargement, and over 62% claimed to have a significant change in breast size.

In our second clinical study 86% of the subjects rated our product effective.

The product has been modified since to make certain components more powerful. For example the wild Mexican yam used to be a ground powder which contained less than 1% disogen, but is now a extract that contains no less than 10% disogen. Saw Palmetto used to be simply the ground saw palmetto berries, and our new formula contains the pure oil extract; some 10 times more powerful than before. This hold true for several other ingredients as well, as we pursue our goal of a minimum 95% approval rate of the people using this product for breast enlargement, increased libido and enhanced orgasms.

This is not a double blind study in which 50% get the real product and the other 50% get the placebo. Everyone in this study gets the real product. However, before you begin taking the product a list of questions must be filled out including your measurements, a survey to determine your climaxability, and your level of libido. This is necessary to get a truly non bias study. All information is strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to any medical bureau, etc.

An example of the data we ask for and collect is available here.

Volunteers will be entitled to purchase products at a reduced price of 25% off per bottle.