A Natural Breast Enlargement Alternative

Maca Root Extract Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions

Question? How long does it take for your product to work?

Answer If you take the product as directed, three to four capsules daily, most people will experience a feeling of fullness within 30 days, see an increase in bust size by 60 days, and a significant increase by 90 days. Our clinical studies show that ladies that have loss size and firmness due to child birth or menopause are more quickly to obtain firmness and fullness back. The libido enhancement portion is within hours, and enhanced orgasms, are within a week.

Question? When I stop taking the product will my breasts return to what they are now?

Answer We recommend that once you reach your desired size, that you reduce to just one capsule daily for an additional 90 days. If you continue to enlarge during those 90 days, you'll have to further reduce or stop taking the product. If done according to these instructions, you should maintain the size you have achieved. However, if you're taking the product for enhanced sex drive or enhanced orgasms, you will have to reduce to one a day, and on the days we want a burst of libido, you can take the 3-4 capsules.

Question? Why did you company include herbs to enhance sex drive in addition to breast enlargement?

Answer It was really a manufacturing decision. I'll explain that. We wanted the highest quantity of Saw Palmetto extract that we could in a OO capsule. Saw Palmetto extract is a liquid oil, and we found that we could spray dry up to 16% Saw Palmetto oil into the powder and still remain dry enough for the capsulating machines. We had to come up with 700 mgs of powder substances for the Saw Palmetto oil to be absorbed and still be dry. We already had the highest content of fenugreek 4:1 and Wild Yam 10:1 that we thought was safe, so with the extra room for more powder, we added the enhanced libido portion. Keep in mind that 70% of our product was devoted to breast enlargement ingredients.

Question? What foods should I take to enhance your product or what foods should I avoid?.

Answer Since some of the ingredients are lipophilic in nature, we recommend taking the product with a glass of 2% or whole milk. If you don't like milk, taking it with a carrier like Vitamin E will help get better absorption. Foods that may actually enhance the product are whole wheat or barley grains, such as those found in cereals. Foods to be avoided are those that would increase the acidity of the stomach such as beverages containing caffeine.

Question? Will this product have an effect on birth control pills.

Answer Plant hormones, while similar in action, do not affect birth control pills.

Question? What side effects will I experience?

Answer Megabust was carefully formulated to not interfere with any medications. The product contains fenugreek which burns blood sugar, so diabetics should monitor there sugar levels. On the other hand, this will also off set weight gain. We have had no reports of weight gain with this product. A tingling sensation in the breasts may occur as the breasts start to enlarge, and this is natural.

Question? Why does megabust only require 3-4 capsules a day, when other products require 6-8?

Answer? Megabust is made up of concentrated extracts. For example we use 10:1 wild Mexican yam, which is 10 times stronger than ground powders like others use. The same is true for Saw Palmetto, fenugreek, ginko, red clover, and other ingredients.