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GINGER Zingiber officinale


Medicinal Parts: The medicinal part is the root.



Volatile oil (2.5-3.0%): Chief components vary greatly, depending upon country of origin: (-)zingiberene and arcurcumene, beta-bisabolene and ar-curcumene, neral and geranial, D-Camphor, beta-phellandrene, geranial, neral and linalool, (E)-alpha-farnesene, important as aroma carrier zingiberol (mixture of cis- and trans-beta-eudesmol)

Aryl alkanes

Gingerols: chief components [6]-gingerol (gugent substance), [8]-gingerol, [10]-gingerol

Shogaols: chief components [6]-shogaol (pungent substance), [8]-shogaol, [10]- shogaol (artifacts formed during storage, arising from the gingerols)


Diarylheptanoids: including among other, gingernone A and B

Starch (50%)


Compounds isolated from the Ginger rhizome have been studied in numerous in vitro and animal experiments. Other studies show that ginger root is positively inotropic, antithrombotic; has anti-oxidant, anti-migraine and anti-lipidemic effects, and promotes secretion of saliva, gastric juices, and bile.

Anti-Emetic Effects

The components in Ginger that are responsible for the anti-emetic effect are thought to be the gingerols and shogaols. The mechanism of action is not due to a nystagmus response or vestibular stimulation. In contrast to most anti-emetic medications that act on the CNS, the anti-emetic effect of Ginger is thought to be due to local gastointestinal actions.


Approved by Commission E:

  • * Loss of appetite
  • * Travel sickness
  • * Dyspeptic complaints

Miscellaneous Effects

Herbs, that stimulate circulation can enhance sexual feelings by increasing blood flow to the genital region. Ginger root is one such herb.

Megabust contains Ginger to take care of any stomach upset that the other items could possibly cause and because of its specific action of increasing blood flow to the pelvic area.