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Perhaps the most widespread problem today is the difficulty many women have in achieving orgasm. Until now, non-orgasmic women have been given psychotherapy, often without results.

Research has shown that frigidity can be corrected by supplementing the diet with specific freeform amino acids such as L-histadine. It needs to be present in good quantities for an orgasm to take place. This amino acid is the parent of the molecule histamine. Orgasm is triggered when histamine is released in the body from the mast cells in the genitals. These cells function as part of the immune system, but also cause the sexual flush experienced during arousal. For both functions, the active ingredient is histamine. When there is insufficient histamine in the body, histamine production is low and women find it difficult, sometimes even impossible to achieve orgasm.

An American researcher, Carl Pfeiffer, reasoned that if women who had low levels of histamine took extra histamine, they might experience an orgasm. In all cases in his study, none had psychotherapy but were given L-histadine and it worked, the women broke the bonds of frigidity, achieving an enormous sense of liberation.