A Natural Breast Enlargement Alternative

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Saw Palmetto for Breast Enlargement

Saw Palmetto as a natural breast enlargement alternative.

Saw Palmetto has been used extensively by women that wish to enhance their bust size. A feeling a fullness and firmness is achieved in most women that consume 160 mg of 85-95% extract twice daily. Saw Palmetto when used by itself usually produces results within 30-60 days, however there have been reports that results were not noticed for almost a year.

However, when mixed with other certain herbs, quicker and larger results with 10-30% bust size increases are reported. Our company has devoted much research on a natural alternative to breast implants and much of our knowledge is proprietary in nature. We will provide you with enough information for you to fully understand the method by which our product, "Megabust" works.


When Saw Palmetto is combined with herbs that contain Diosgenin significant increases in mammary development scores are recorded. In the PDR for herbal medicine it states, "Diosgenin has been found to have an estrogenic effect on mouse mammary epithelium. Ovariectomized mice that received diosgenin (sc) at dosage levels between 20 and 40 mg/kg for 15 days had significant increases in mammary development scores. When administered estrogen and diosgenin, an augmentation of the estrogenic effect was recorded. (Aradhana et al, 1992) Saw Palmetto lowers cytosol and nuclear receptor values for estrogen, which result in an anti-estrogen effect. (DiSilverio, 1992) Thus by blocking nuclear receptor sites, the bodies own natural estrogen provides the augmentation effect of diosgenin described in (Aradhana et al, 1992). This type of natural breast augmentation is lasting and does not disappear upon discontinuance of the product.


Many products have been sold that claim to be breast enhancement products, but are products that enhanced breast size by water retention and overall body weight gain truly breast enhancement products. The FDA has been critical of these products and warns consumers that most are frauds.

Megabust is the first product to ever be formulated that contains a therapeutic dose of Saw Palmetto. Megabust contains 107 mg of 85-95% of pure Saw Palmetto extract in each capsule (321 mg daily) along with therapeutic doses of three other herbs that contain diosgenin or derivatives of it. Other herbs that have hormone-balancing effects were added for a synergistic effect and a feeling of well being. Much care was taken in choosing ingredients, so as not to interfere with thyroid function, blood pressure, or diabetes.